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Saturday, October 20, 2012
11:26 PM
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  1. Urban Outfitters Argyle Stitch Cardigan
  2. ASOS On Target Oversized Tee
  3. Target Authorised (Apple) User
  4. Topshop V-neck Tunic
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  1. Blue Striped 2 Piece Skirt
  2. Cotton On Shorts

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1. Forever 21 Wish Upon A Star Bracelet

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Friday, November 06, 2009
11:02 PM
HELLO dears!

Hope that you babes will take a lil moment of your time to read this.

1) When we say NO SWAPS, we really meant NO SWAPS. We want to clear our buys! :p


2)Please do note that we are not ONE person handling this blog but FOUR!

We have our own colors represented by the wordings :
Green Owner
Blue Owner
Yellow Owner
Red Owner

When emails are directed to our email, (which is girlscloset@hotmail.com); kindly please put the subject as the owner. Eg. TO THE RED OWNER. (as the subject)

This will help us clear mails faster. :)

Thanks for reading through this, we really appreciate it!

Your Addiction`, girls-closet :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
12:26 AM

Bottom words read New York 1978
Size: UK10
Condition: Brand New not worn
Price: $15

Target Authorised (Apple) User

Are you an apple user?
Size: Guys S, would fit UK10-12 girls much better
Condition: Worn 2 times, still new
Price: $12

Topshop Vneck Tunic

*COLOR is light brown, quite true to the one above
Size:UK12, would fit a range of sizes
Condition: Worn less then 5 times, minimal furrings
Price: $12, free postage!

HUH? Top

*fits like show in the picture, just like moshi moshi top
*has a pocket!
*Condition: $19

Wetseal Colorblock Tank
*2 piece, detachable! you can wear it on its own
*Condition : BN
*Size: L
*Price: $19

ASOS Seamed Corset Jumper

*Condition: worn once
*Size: UK12, wear it oversized!
*Price: $22

Gojane Checkered Top

Spell r-e-t-r-o with this checkered top
*Brand new with tag!
*Size: L
Price: $22 $18

Marks & Spencer Oversized Bib 3/4 Sleeve Top

*wear with leggings and you're good to go!
*condition: 9/10, worn by prev seller, none by me
*Size: UK8, fit to UK10 cos it is oversized
*Price: $13

Sequinned Diva Vest

* Wearable sequinns which you can wear anywhere! Very unique vest!
Condition: 10/10
Size: Free
Retail: $32
Price: $24

LavishFetish's Belgium in Black

* Go mod by just pairing shorts and mod heels!
Condition: 9.5/10
Measurements: Click on pic!
Retail: $26.5
Price: $21

Eyelet Tank Top

Similar to Topshop!

* Sexy cross-back!
* Unique eyelet front!
Condition: 10/10
Price: $15

Ice Marmalade's Quirky Specs Tee

* Quirky Tee, very casual!
Condition: Brand New!
Retail: $23
Price: $10

Candy-Striped Tube

* Lovely coloured hues, perfect for any happy day!
Size: Free, fits size 6-8 best.
Condition: 9/10
Price: $12

Urban Outfitters Printed Sublimation V Neck Tee

Please note that it is sheer!
Condition: Brand New!

Price: $19

Wetseal's Banded Green Surplice Top
*This adorable top features ruched surplice bust detail, banded bottom, banded back strap detail and tie back.
Condition: 9.5/10
Size: S-M
Retail: $28
Price: $19mailed

Kadanata's Sequinned-Satin Puffy Dress

Close Up

Inspired by Forever 21!

* Has a side zip
* Love the babydoll effect the puffy skirt gives.
* Sequinned all over but very wearable!
* Comes with an inner-lining
Condition: 10/10
Price: $22

Tracyeinny's Yansy 2 Tone Dress

Measurements: pit to pit: 16" length: 29.5"
Condition: BRAND NEW
Retail: $29.5
Price: $20

Betsy White Tank Top

* Pair it with jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts, anything for school and daily wear.
fashion never die with this piece of top!
Measurements: Length - 23inches, PTP - stretchable till 19inches (Fits uk 6-10)
Condition: In stock (OOS AT SITE!)
Price: $17 mailed

Urban Outfitters Quilted Demin Vest

*COLOR IS NOT TRUE, IT IS BROWN! ( please ask for real pics if interested :) )
*Condition : worn once
*Tagged Size : L, fits more of a UK6-10 though!
*Price : $19 $16

Forever 21 Floral Dress

Tagged Size : S
Condition: 9/10
Price : $36, original selling price $73

Zara Star Tank Top

*tagged L
*starry starry ; pair with shorts or skinnies and off you go!
* condition : 8/10 ( worn less then 5 times!)
* Price : $12 $10 mailed!

Green Halter Chain Top

*Lovely chain details to emphasize neck.

Colour: GREEN (email me for pic)

Condition: 10/10

Measurements: ptp 12-17inches length 27" inches

Retail: $26

Price: $20

Zara-Inspired Satin Blouse

The one I'm selling:Without Flash

* Chic tailored cutting!
* Made of good quality satin
* Similar piece retailing at Zara for $49.90!
Size: Free (fits size 6-8 best)
Colour: Sunshine Yellow, Chic Black (LAST PC)
Price: $25

Navy Blue Tunic

*close up of the prints
* from miss selfridge!
*Condition: 9/10
* Tagged Size : S
* Price : $25, originally $49 @ stores!

Mango White & Silver Tunic

* hole at e back
*Tagged Size : S
* Price : $19, orginally retailing @ $35!

White Veil Tunic
* Slightly sheer, but perfect with nude/white undergarment.
Size: Free
Condition: Brand New
Price: $8

Hot Fuschia Ruffle Vest
*A one-buttoned vest with beautiful ruffled hems at the back.
*Flattering cut with adjustable straps at the back
*Made from high quality satin giving rise to a classy look.
MEASUREMENTS-> pit-to-pit: 14.5" - 15.6", length: 17.5"(till the button) -19.5"
Price: $22

Bright Yellow Splendid Top


Price : $12 $8 Mailed!

Condition: Brand New, 10/10

Size: L, but fits S-M.

(L will be more figure hugging)

Trio Colour-Block Dress [Instocks]

*Comes with free random necklaces provided by my supplier.
*Model is 160cm, dress ends at the mid thighs.
*Very versatile to match with anything!
Colour: Green(LAST PIECE!)!
Size: Free
Material: Light cotton (great for the weather here)
$24 10 mailed!

Faux 2 pc Checkered Top

Size: Free
Condition: 9.5/10
Retail: $24
Price: $15 $8mailed

3/4 sleeve top from MNG

Size: M

Condition: 10/10 (BRAND NEW!)

Price: $15

Fluffy Fluff

closer look at the designs
Size: free
Condition: 9/10
Price: $15
Chocolatie. from Esprit

Size: M
Condition: 10/10 (BRAND NEW!)
Retail: $40
Price: $22

Colour my life! From Esprit

Size: S (but fits an M)
Condition: 10/10 (BRAND NEW, tag stil intact!)
Retail: $40
Price: $25
Top from FOX

Can be worn as tube or halter top!
Size: 2 (Abt M/L)
Condition: 10/10 (BRAND NEW!)
Price: $21
Racerback top from Giordano
Size: L

Condition: 10/10
Price: $8

striped white shirt

closer look at the prints size: M

condition: 10/10 (BRAND NEW!)
Retail: $35
Price: $20

3/4 sleeved top from ARITHALIA

Comes in RED too. :)

Size: M

Condition: 9/10 (BRAND NEW!)

Retail: $32

Price: $16

3/4 sleeved shirt from The Clothes Publisher
Size: M

Condition: 9/10 (BRAND NEW!)

Retail: $32

Price: $18

Baby Doll Top

Cream colored, can be worn as a tube or spag top!

Size: Free

Condition: 10/10

Retail: $40

Price: $25
Floral Top from People Of Asia (P.O.A)

Has a smooth and silky texture.

Size: L

Condition: 10/10 (BRAND NEW!)

Retail: $42

Price: $25

SERIES sequinned top

floral sequins on the top
Size: S/M

Condition: 9/10 (All sequins intact!)

Retail: $36
Price: $25

Black and white checkered tube dress
Size S
Price: $32

email to
dibby501@hotmail.com for more enquires

Brown feminine Satin dress(from Phuture London)
Free Size, can sit size S or M
Can wear as tube or speg dress
UP: $49.90
Price: $38 Condition:10/10

email to dibby501@hotmail.com for more enquires

Green Baby doll polka speg top
Size S
Condition: 10/10
Price: $15
Mail to
dibby501@hotmail.com for more enquires

Fourskin tee
Size S

Good Condition

Price : $10

Close up

Esprit Green tee
Excellent Condition
Size S
Price : $12

Outfitters 'Feeling Single' tee

Outfitters size 5 ( M size )

Good Condition
Price : $10

Purple top

Excellent Condition

Fit size S/M
Price : $15

Close up

I Love Mini

Selling for friend.

Fit size M
Price : $15

Ice Lemon Tee Green Tank

Selling for friend!
Size: M
Condition: BRAND NEW
Retail: $25
$12 (nego)

Abercrombie tees
Not Authentic.
Good Condition/Excellent condition.
1 for $6 mailed.

Cardigan, Spag top
2 piece top
Fit Size S
Good Condition.
Price : $15 mailed.

Green Oriental Top
Excellent Condition
Fit size S
Price : $20 mailed.

Fox tee

Selling for friend.

Excellent Condition

Fit size XS/S
Price : $20

IP Zone White racer
Fit size S

Excellent Condition.

Price : $6

This whole section is my friend's stuff. Thus non-nego.

UCLA red and pink V neck top

Suitable for M size

Excellent Condition
Red and beige spags

Suitable for M size

Good Condition.

1 for $5

Buy 2 for $8

Green long sleeve shirt
Suitable for L size
Condition : 8/10
SLASH OF PRICE : going at $6 now.
Black and grey stripe top
Suitable for S/M
Condition : 8/10

Dorothy Perkins V neck ( brown )
Suitable for M size
Excellent Condition.

Giordano Red off shoulder
Suitable for M size
Condition : 8/10

Greenish Star shirt
Suitable for M size
Excellent Condition.

Beige Tank Top
Suitable for S/M
Condition : 9/10

Authentic Levis Black shirt
Suitable for S/M size
Condition :
Slash of price : $20